A list of reviews of Olivia's massage therapy.  If you have any other questions, please contact her at seedsofhealignca@gmail.com


February 2018 - Janet C.


We have a lot of work to do. But first massage was great. Thank you Olivia! My life saver!!

January 2018 - Ken L. 


Easy to communicate, great people skills

December 2017 - Larry L.


She is peppy. Conversational. Smiling. Welcoming. How could you not like Olivia? And on top of that, she has much knowledge about why I creak and groan! even gave me homework! Time well spent. Would recommend.

November 2017 - Inge J.


I have a deep feeling of skill and expertise when I think about the quality of Olivia's work. I feel save and loved in her hands, and receiving her care. She is multi-faceted in her ability to combine clinical therapy with precise and effective application, with a soulfully connected presence of love and light. I am blessed to have to opportunity to receive healing treatments from her. Thank you!

November 2017 - Eloisa J.


This was my first time seeing Olivia. I must say I am very glad that I found her. She was very informative and explained everything that she was going to do and why. The room was very relaxing. My husband and I went together because we booked back to back massages. We were able to wait in the lobby that had a tv, fireplace and couch very nice. I am going to see her again to help with some chronic ongoing pain issues in my legs. I would highly recommend anyone to check her out.

October 2017 - Anonymous 


Olivia did a great job and she knows her area. Very intuitive and understanding.

October 2017 - David C.


Best message ever. I have many injuries to my upper and mid back. Olivia by far is the best at what she does. i live a life that I never dreamed I would have again. NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE has ever brought me this close to a pain free life style. If you have never received a cranial message before and you suffer from chronic eye issues, headaches and ringing of the ears I strongly suggest booking one!

September 2017 - Beth W. 


On a recent visit to CA I hurt my back and need to get some help. So happy I found Seeds of Healing!

Olivia is a warm, caring & knowledgeable therapist. She takes her time to ask questions and formulate a treatment plan that's unique to you and most importantly, she produces results.

Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today. Your aching body will thank you

September 2017 - Marilyn J.


Olivia is awesome! She cares, is very professional and extremely talented and knowledgeable. I have not been in this little pain in a long long time and I expect to feel even better with her continued help

July 2017 - Gail C.


All I can say is AMAZING!

June 2017 Maria H.


Olivia, you are awesome! Though this was not the typical "relaxing" massage that I'm used to, I know from just my first visit that it is going to be much more beneficial to the issues I am having with my body (shoulder pain/tightness, low back pain) than those have been. With any other massages I've received, they felt good when I was getting them, and maybe for a couple days after, but they weren't doing anything to help me in the long term. I love that you took the time to listen to all of my issue up front, did an in depth consultation, and then also followed up on those issues and how they were addressed after our session. You also explained everything you were doing during the treatment, and why. You gave me homework too! I love being a part of my treatment - knowing what I can do during my time away from you to help keep the progress that we've made. I am so looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you!!

May 2017 - Jacob C.


Oliva is an incredible healer with vast knowledge of the subject. My story with her in such a short time would take a long time to convey. I'll just say that she is amazing at what she does and would recommend her to anyone that could benefit from her work.

May 2017 - Veejay B.


I've been getting massages on a consistent basis for a while now (mostly for a chronic condition) and I truly appreciate the care, knowledgeability and talent that Olivia has always shown me. Each session has been unique and tailored to meet my body's differing needs as they arise. Whether it's addressing overworked muscles from recent activities or tackling the long term physical issues I have, with Olivia, I know I'm in good hands.
There's no one-size-fits-all massage here! And that's a big part of what keeps me coming back. She's the best massage therapist I've been to and I highly recommend her to every body needing some TLC

May 2017 - Stephen G.


Olivia is at the pinnacle of massage. She is continually finding new, and most importantly, effective ways to treat her client's injuries. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody with minor or major pain. She is the consummate professional and I know that whatever the issue is she has a treatment for me.

May 2017 - Deb C.



I've had several massages from Olivia and all have been outstanding. Her pre-massage questionnaire and review are spot on to determine what areas need to be addressed before the massage even begins. The massage focuses on your exact needs and are precise in the delivery that she provides to focus healing on the areas needed the most. She pours her energy into every session with outstanding results. Always very professional and her draping is spot on. I am definitely a returning customer

May 2017 - Ruby L.


I enjoyed the massage on 05-09-17. Olivia has angels hands and a beautiful-stimulating personality. I will get another massage on the 23rd of May at 1:00PM. Sincerely, A friend and a customer, Ruby S. Lerner

April 2017 - Justin P.


Olivia is extremely professional and AMAZING!! I originally went to see her a few months ago due to ongoing pain from a previous back injury... I had tried everything under the sun to alleviate the pain and nothing ever seemed to help. After 2 sessions, I was pain free and I haven't had any flare up's since. I can actually get out of bed in the morning without groaning! She is extremely knowledgeable and she truly cares about her clients. Very respectful and an all around nice person. I highly recommend her!

March 2017 - Linda P.


I must damit that I'm very sore BUT it's not the nerve pain that I've been having. It's more like a severe ache. I can walk without to many problems and, from he position that the aching is coming from, I'm sure it's the scare tissue complaining. I'm impressed!

February 2017 - Veda B.


Wow, I had no idea it could be better than a regular massage. So much more effective! And Olivia is so caring and kind...ebruary 2017 - Dina G


I've been in pain for over seven years, a misdiagnosed hip injury that led to tremendous pain, seeking all the help I could find, which led to a hip replacement in the end. Today marks eight weeks since I had a total hip replacement surgery. The process has been agonizing. I have dealt with pain on levels that have actually made me suicidal at times. Olivia has a skill set, a gift, to help realign the body so that the body can start working in the way it's designed to work. In the short time that we have been working together, I have started to hope. Hope brings so much more than people can understand. I was scared after having surgery that I wouldn't ever get to live a pain-free life, but since this process has begun with her, I know that my journey is to end in obtaining a very healthy body, aligned, working in the order it was designed to work in. She's very intuitive, her continual education of working with several different people is reflective in her ability to assess my body's needs every time I lay on her table.

February 2017 - Inge J

Olivia Moore is an extremely talented and multi-skilled therapist. She has a genuine passion for her work, and puts all of herself into her sessions. I feel that she heard and addressed my issues clearly and thoroughly, and went above and beyond my expectations. She is also a loving and delightful person, and radiates happiness and joy as she works. I would recommend her to clients with all issues of all ages. Thank you, Olivia. You helped me to have more quality in my life! Pain and discomfort can distort our path to happiness, and sessions with you changed that for me.

January 2017 - Evan M.


Service Received: Integrative Manual Therapy/Orthopedic Massage

I have been working with Olivia to increase my flexibility and to have her help get my body back in line. I came in with serious repetitive neck pain, muscle spasms, and other odds and ends which were cumbersome physically. After three sessions I can say that I feel great! My neck has not been bothering me and some of my random reoccurring pains have gone away. This is not a Swedish massage, this is the type of message you get to help your quality of life. It's relaxing, but challenging. I would recommend Olivia to anyone who is serious about a health.

December 2016 - Janis H.


SERVICE RECEIVED: Integrative Manual Therapy/Orthopedic Massage

Ortho massage does provide healing .. thank you


1. Client: Britt K.
Service: Orthopedic Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5  "Olivia exudes a calm, balancing presence that immediately puts one in a position to trust her with ease. As someone who is not always comfortable getting massages, Olivia listened to my every concern and gave the perfect massage. She was able to un-knot muscles and relieve tension and move blockages with such gentle pressure and easy rhythm. The room and was clean and fresh and soothing. I can say with ease that this was one of the best massages I've received in my life. I cannot recommend this woman highly enough."

2. Client: Kelly Adam M.
Service Orthopedic Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5   "Best therapeutic massage I have ever had."

3. Client: Diana M.
Service: Deep Tissue Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5    "Olivia is such a gifted therapist! She is very intuitive and has skills to match. Whatever your particular need, Olivia listens to you and your body to bring about mind/body healing. I cannot say enough about this woman, except make an appointment with her now! Your body will thank you."

4. Client: Anonymous
Service: Orthopedic Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5 "It was obvious she knew what she was doing and was committed to healing. This wasn't just some one set fits all type of massage. She was responsive to my needs and able to find problem areas and address some of them. I had quite a few issues though so more sessions will be needed and I'm looking forward to the continued health and healing they will provide. The only thing I noticed was that the walls were thin so when a door was opened or closed outside the room it was noticable and detracted from the ambiance for just a moment. Otherwise a very relaxing, calm and professional atmosphere was provided before, during and after the session."

5. Client: Gary L.
Service: Deep Tissue Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5 "Liked the new method of relieving the discomfort in the hip area. But it only lasted a few hours."

6. Client: Ryan M.
Service: Deep Tissue Massage

Rating and Review: 5/5   "Very relaxing would use their services again for sure."

7. Client: Diana M.
Service: Body Scrub and Steamy Wonder

Rating and Review: 5/5 "I love it all! The salt scrub was amazing and the steamy wonder was so relaxing. Great massage!"