Sciatica - Nothing Helping?

At one point, most, if not all reading this post have suffered from sciatica. A sharp, sometimes debilitating pain shooting down your glutes, your hamstrings, maybe even your shins and down to your feet! 

The question is where does sciatica originate from? What are some causes to this pain? What are some symptoms that are not commonly known?

Most know that sciatic pain originates in the back. More specifically nerve communication is cut off in the lumbar vertebrae between, typically, L4, L5 and S1. The majority of sufferers have typically been diagnosed with either a herniated disc or disc compression. For some this may feel like a life sentence. And it doesn't have to be, there are treatments with manual therapies that can aid you.  But what are the underlying root causes of of herniated and compressed discs?

 We live in a society of flexion. What do I mean by that? We sit at desks, we drive our cars, we sit at home. Our entire front muscle structure is flexed forward. Over time this becomes our muscle memory and causes tightness in our muscles that end up putting strain on all of our joints in our body. More specifically pulling our vertebrae forward and possibly causing the disc to herniate or compress.  

Sciatica not only can cause pain, weakness, numbing and burning down the back side of your leg and shin it can also appear as plantar fasciiitis. If you've tried all the inserts and treatments and still have that heel pain, there could be another issue going on. 

The good news is these are treatable conditions to live with less pain, if not pain free! By opening up the lines of communication in the nerve and getting the nerve to move more freely in the body, you begin to live more freely. Call/text any questions you may have to see if we can get you living more comfortably in YOUR body!