Let's Talk About Hips

Do you suffer from chronic low back pain? Hip pain? Knee pain? Foot pain? Has your doctor told you you have a leg length discrepancy  and has you wearing a lift?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions, I urge you to take the time to read on hip stability and the effects on the body.

There are quite a few muscles attached to and run through the hip that effect or even cause some of the above mentioned pain areas. Think about your low back muscles, attach to the hip. Your thigh muscles, attach to the hip. Glutes and deeper muscles you didn't even know you had, attach at your hip. I could start naming them and I think you get the point. 

If one or more of these muscles are tight they start pulling at their attachment sights like hip bones. Often causing what appears to be a leg length discrepancy. When there is a difference in your leg length this will effect how your feet strike when walking and running. If your feet are not striking the ground even that starts to effect the entire chain from the ground up and how your body feels.  Even neck pain can be caused by the imbalance of your hips. 

A prime example:

The IT band. We all have had or have some issue with our IT band at some point. The muscle, at the hip, that turns into the IT band is called the tensor fasciae latae. When this muscle is tight it not only can cause the IT and knee to feel pain it pulls the hip bone anterior (forward and down.)  Then all the other connecting muscles on that side are now no longer in a neutral position and could be causing chronic pain. 

What can be done?

Over the past 2 years, I have learned when I focus my work starting at hip stability and working outward, that I get faster, longer lasting results in pain management, performance and over all wellness in that clients life. 

When making your first appointment I highly suggest a 90 minute session and arrive in bike shorts and sports bra (for women). We will begin with a full body posture assessment. Focusing on where we see tightness. Are your shoulders even? Are your hips even? Do your arms or legs turn in or out? With a thorough assessment we can begin to create a customized wellness plan for pain free living.